Ray Kappe - RK2.2

Perfect for large lots with expansive views, this four bedroom, three bathroom home has a substantial living space separated from private bedrooms by a unique interior garden. The home includes a 1,210 square foot deck.

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Floor Area

3135 sq. ft.



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Configurator coming soon


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The late Ray Kappe, FAIA, is renowned for his residential architecture which has been characterized as 'the apotheosis of the California House.' His designs evince a mastery of warm, modern spaces, clearly expressed construction systems, and environmental sensitivity . “I’ve always sought out the edges, the views, and a feeling of expansiveness,” Kappe said. During his first ten years of practice, he completed fifty custom post-and-beam houses. Exploring modular systems, prefabrication, passive energy and active solar systems, Kappe has completed commercial, low-cost housing, condominium, hotel and college buildings. He has also been involved in urban design and planning, as well as social and community advocacy. Responding to a question about the ten most important principles that helped make him a successful architect, planner, and educator, Kappe included the following two: “Always be willing to explore, experiment and invent. Do not accept the status quo;” and “Maintain good moral and social values.” In 1972, after three -and-a-half successful years as professor and Founding Chairman of the Department of Architecture at California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, ...

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What's Included in your LivingHome:

Below are materials include in Standard Homes. Your actual materials will vary based on your chosen Design Partner or the Standard Home you select.

Optional Upgrades
  • Decking - Trex
  • Countertops - Caesarstone
  • Aluminum Doors/Windows
  • Wood Siding
What's Not Included:
  • External Air Conditioning and Heating units
  • Site Prep
  • Foundation
  • Transportation to site from factory
  • Installation on site
  • Local Building Permits
  • Landscaping
  • Utility Connections

What's included:

Modules: Includes the modules that comprise the home, including all finishes and fixtures, wrapped and ready for delivery.

Complete Estimate: An estimated total cost, including permits, delivery, installation and site prep for a flat lot. This varies by location and site conditions.

Price estimates pertain to our Standard Home as specified. Changes to floor area, construction detailing or finishes including materials, fixtures, and equipment, as well as any engineering requirements to meet local code will impact the price of your home. We provide a full and transparent estimate once all project details are specified.