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The thoughtful design of the LivingHome 10 accessory dwelling unit (ADU) packs all the amenities of home into just 496 square feet, making it a perfect addition to almost any property.

A full-size kitchen and bathroom separate the private sleeping quarters from the living space, which extends outside onto an optional deck. A multi-slide glass entry and tall windows fill the home with natural daylight, while a clerestory window maintains privacy in the bedroom. Large enough to comfortably accommodate a queen-size bed, the bedroom also features an optional built-in closet.

As with every LivingHome, the LivingHome 10 boasts excellent indoor air quality and energy efficiency, and was built responsibly following Plant’s rigorous Z6 environmental health and sustainability framework.

To facilitate installation on almost any property, the LivingHome 10 is designed to utilize Plant’s revolutionary Plant Building System (PBS). In this system, living spaces are produced as panels, while a separate plumbing and mechanical core is produced as a single, small, modular unit. This allows the ADU to be delivered and assembled in tighter spaces than could be achieved through purely modular construction, and the consolidated utility connections enables quick and easy hookup to on-site plumbing and electrical infrastructure.

Note: Renderings show optional built-ins in the living room, which are available as upgrades.

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