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LivingHomes will keep your project on-time and on-budget.

Construction costs and timelines can make or break a development project. Off-site construction reduces delays from weather and sub-contractor and scheduling guffaws. We bring predictability and precision to your project — as we build high quality, durable homes, based on your design, that maximize your customer’s satisfaction.

We build your custom design.

Based on your specific needs, or lot constraints.

Quicker project turnover.

By building modular in parallel to your site work, you can complete your project 50-70% faster. That means you can refinance, sell or rent faster.

Less neighborhood disruption.

By building off-site, you save your neighbors significant noise and traffic — and you reduce the total disruption by 50% or more!

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Design your project with one of our Design Partners, or select Standard Homes.

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